Mentorship Program

About the program

The Cardozo Society strengthens relationships between Jewish attorneys or judges and Jewish law students and legal professionals in their first five years of practice in Washington State by providing opportunities for them to connect. 

This year we are also providing an enhanced mentorship program.  The Federation's Cardozo Society Fellowship is a unique opportunity for a diverse group of law students and attorneys in their first five years of practice to engage with and learn from an accomplished lawyer or judge. The initiative aims to help build connections among colleagues that will provide important and relevant opportunities for personal and professional career growth.

Our four-month fellowship (January - May 14, 2020) is designed to fit in with a busy schedule and law practice. Fellows will be meet with their mentors at least three times over the period, and attend two program sessions with the cohort, which will be geared towards deepening leadership and presentation skills.

Through participation, law students and young attorneys will:

  • Cultivate a meaningful relationship with a mentor who is a seasoned legal professional, exploring and sharing resources and knowledge.
  • Share peer-to-peer perspectives and experiences to enhance their legal practice.
  • Access invitation-only networking events provided by their mentor.
  • Explore and engage with Jewish values through exposure to Jewish thought-leadership.

The cohort for 2020 has been selected, thank you to everyone who applied and to our mentors.  We're delighted to help create these important mentorship opportunities!  

To participate in our year-round mentorship pairing program please sign up using the applicable form below.

Forms will be used to pair mentors and mentees based on practice areas and past experience. 



Note: Attorneys in their first decade of practice may also seek a mentor as well as serve as a mentor to law students. Attorneys in practice for more than 10 years may serve as mentors to other attorneys.

About the Cardozo Society

The Cardozo Society is the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle's affinity group for legal professionals and the official Washington State Bar Association minority bar for Jewish lawyers in Washington. Cardozo Society programming integrates legal and Jewish concerns to demonstrate the unique contributions the legal profession can make to improve the Jewish and local communities.

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The Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle