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  • Cardozo Society of Washington State

    “You will study the wisdom of the past, for in a wilderness of conflicting counsels, a trail has there been blazed. You will study the life of mankind, for this is the life you must order, and, to order with wisdom, must know. You will study the precepts of justice, for these are the truths that through you shall come to their hour of triumph. Here is the high emprise, the fine endeavor, the splendid possibility of achievement, to which I summon you and bid you welcome.” Benjamin Cardozo

The Cardozo Society is the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle's affinity group for legal professionals and the official Washington State Bar Association minority bar for Jewish lawyers in Washington.
Cardozo Society programming integrates legal and Jewish concerns to demonstrate the unique contributions the legal profession can make to improve the Jewish and local communities.
Man speaking at Cardozo event.

Cardozo Leadership

Thank you to our volunteer co-chairs Aric Bomsztyk of Barokas, Martin & Tomlinson, and Barry Wallis of Wallis Law Firm, PLLC.

The 2016-2017 Cardozo Society Advisory Group:

Aric Bomsztyk-Co-Chair, Barry Wallis Co-Chair, Julia Abelev, Sara Berkenwald, Steven Block, Honorable Bill Bowman, Geoffrey Burg, Daniel Ehrlich, ​Jeff Goldman, Jenna Golterman, Aaron Kiviat, Honorable Garold Johnson, Ralph Maimon, Hoda Mezistrano, Lucas Michels, Sharon Perlin, Yeshia Poyurs, Honorable Steve Rosen, Martin Rosenburgh, John Schochet, Dan Swedlow, Honorable Anthony Wartnik

For more information about the Cardozo Society, contact Clara Cantor at or 206.774.2215.

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